Types of Wood

French Walnut (juglans regia)

French Walnut - Juglans Regia
Of the 40 odd species of Walnut, this strong close grain wood is the most highly prized by master stockmakers for its strength, beauty and machining qualities.

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Claro Walnut (juglans hindsii)

French Claro - Juglans Hindsii
Structurally similar to Easter Black Walnut, Claro Walnut is considered to be the most beautiful of all the walnuts due to it's wide variations of color and figure.

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Myrtle (umbellularia california)

Myrtle - Umbellularia California
A strong, dense wood with a wide variation of color and figure. Generally light in color with dark mineral streaks and showing burl or fiddleback figure.

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Maple (acre macrophyllum)

Maple - Acre Macrophyllum
This strong and durable wood is comparable in weight to Walnut and is generally light in color and is highly prized for gunstocks due to its bright fiddleback and quilt figure.

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Weatherby Factory Seconds
These stocks are shaped on the outside only–no inletting. Can be inletted to accept any standard action. They contain minor defects in non-critical areas which can be repaired.


CaliCo Hardwoods Gunstock Blanks